C + A Steamy Tattoo Sesh

Newly weds tattoo wedding bouquet on bride’s arm | Salt Lake City, Utah | Brynlee Paige Photography


Imagine your wedding photographer draws your bouquet based on images she took at your wedding and then you get it tattooed on your arm by your husband.

Well, hi, I’m that photographer and this is that story! One of the coolest nights ever at The Wild Coyote Tattoo shop. I did Cait and Peps’ wedding in October of 2022. For the longest time I had a vision of doing a session at tattoo shop with a couple. After I found out they owned this beautiful shop, I asked if they wanted to help bring my vision to life.

Cait reached out and mentioned she wanted me to draw her bouquet in the form of a line drawing while using images of her actual wedding bouquet as reference. So of course I said YES. Cait got her wedding bouquet tattooed on her arm by her husband. How cool is that?! I night I will never forget.

The Wild Coyote shop had the most amazing vibes of its own with their neon signs and decor. And of course the coolest mood lighting. They wore the outfits they did their exit at their wedding in and it was just the finishing touches we needed. These two are just the coolest – can’t wait to come back for a piece of my own.