"because we both know these moments go by way too fast."

no two families or love look the same. i'm here to tell your story and document your love, no matter what it looks like. coming from a background of weddings and storytelling, i bring those skills and way of looking at love into your family session which naturally results in more meaningful and memorable photos. i am as patient as they come because i've been there too. i will give direction and prompts for your family throughout the session and then let moments happen from there. if kids want to run around for a minute, let's let them. if your babe is teething and just wants to snuggle, let's get those close, intimate moments. 

you deserve to have memories of all kind captured. memories that you can hold in your hand, hang on your wall and share with the people you care about most. memories you can hold onto forever, because we both know these moments go by way too fast. 

family sessions start at $400.

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