I'm a wedding and portrait photographer passionate about capturing love stories in a timeless and artful way.

I'm Brynlee


Since 2017 I’ve photographed nearly 200 weddings. The love and friendships I’ve been able to witness over those years will always be in my heart and I’ll forever be grateful for that experience because now, I get to bring that experience and help you have the ultimate experience.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart and together we have a little guy, who is also our best friend. Naturally, they’re used to my film cameras in their every day lives which is my preferred way to document it. Getting a sweet surprise as they are developed will always be like Christmas.

I'm ready to tell the story of you, just through my creative perspective. My goal is to stay true to you while putting you in your best light. I am completely sentimental at heart and my love language is time spent, through and through. I am quick to love and can promise a new friend if you’re willing to open your arms as well.

I'm so excited to get to know you as well, friend. It means so much that you are considering having me be a part of this big day. xo

a glimpse behind the camera

I am sentimental. i look at details. i can't wait to get to know you.



(other than pretty pictures) - all of my plants. Currently running a plant rescue in my house. Saving one dead plant at a time from the Lowe's discount section

favorite place

The mountains in Canada near Banff or So Cal at my parents house

Fun Fact

I used to race motorcycles in my childhood - early teen years

where i'm from

Grew up in Davis County, moved to So Cal for a short time before I came back to Utah!


Probably reading in the bath or doing anything with my boys: we love the motocross track, hunting, + traveling


Coconut in my Diet Coke +
my kindle!

my fam!!!

My core values

I'm ready to tell your story as it is. Getting to know my clients is key in sharing their true, beautiful story, whatever it may look like. Showing how perfect the day was, but most importantly, what it all felt like. 



I am hyper-observant when it comes to the details of you and your day. From details at your venue, to sentimental flat lays, to fixing your hair + dress and including things that represent you and your partner, I'm always looking at details.

Detail focused


The biggest thing I ask from you is to trust me. When the trust is there, I have permission to fully be my creative self and document you as best I know how. I'm ready to show you in your best light while giving a creative and artful perspective. I hope you'll have me.

embrace creativity.